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Investing in real estate is a gold mine in Nigeria, it is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities you can venture into with zero risk. Why is this? The answer is simple and easy, People will always need a place to lay their heads, there will always be need for hotels and businesses will always need a location to operate from.There are three major keys in real estate investment, number one is location, two is location, three is location, investing in real estate in a strategic location is the surest means of making huge returns on your investment. To make money from Real Estate Investment in Nigeria, you must learn how to see good properties even before they appear. Nigerians in diaspora need not worry about how to invest in Real Estate in Nigeria because of the distance, at PARAGON FRONTIERS , we take the huge burden off you by giving you sound advice on the best properties to invest in, help with the negotiations and payment as well as delivery of the land documents to whe…